Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stupid hacker wannabe

Dangerous Hacker!

This is hilarious.

I am not a hacker (l33t or otherwise) but even I think this guy is a complete moron. Basically, he's chatting on IRC and gets mad at a moderator for allegedly kicking him off. He then asks the mod for his IP (great hacking skills there) so he can retaliate, and the mod gives the moron his own IP address. So the moron launches his killer haxxor virus and crashes his own computer. Then he does it again. He comes back and says that the mod has some kind of magic virus-reflecting firewall and asks him to turn it off - because only old grandmothers are so scared as to use a firewall online. The mod, who doesn't even have a firewall, says he turned it off. So the moron launches his super hard-drive deletion program and starts taunting the mod about how his drives are being erased. The mod notices his drives are fine. Finally, the moron disappears forever, apparently having erased his own drives! The transcript cracked me up.

(Yes, three posts so far today. Such things happen when you're a dumbfuck who gets a job for May 3 and shows up on April 27, leaving you with unexpected free time but no money to show for it.)

[via Slashdot]


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