Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Cult of Mac

My parents came to town for a visit this weekend. We had a good time. The usual catching up, since it has been a while since I saw them. We were talking about this and that, and I was mentioning how I wished I could write when I felt like writing, instead of having to wait until I was home, in the office, at the computer.

So my dad, being the kind of guy he is, says, "Are you telling me a laptop is the only thing keeping you from writing?"

Of course it isn't, but we joked about it. I did want a notebook computer eventually, and it wasn't happening anytime soon since we're far from rich. He decided that he was going to buy me one. I tried to talk him out of it - somewhat half-heartedly, I'll admit - but the thing about my dad is that when it comes to his own family he is extraordinarily generous and frankly unstoppable in that regard. If I had talked him out of a notebook, he would have found some other way to give us something . . . another trip to Las Vegas, for instance.

He won.

I've kinda had my eye on a Mac for a while now. I don't think there's anything wrong with a Windows PC; after all, I have had many in my day. They're OK. But I figured it was time to shake things up, Macs are notoriously reliable and easy to use, and I do have some experience with them so it wouldn't be a complete culture shock.

So now I have a 14" iBook G4.


  1. now you have no excuse, and all the self-inflicted guilt that accompanies it. Enjoy! :-)

  2. A few months back, I bought a Mac Powerbook used from eBay. It is a good machine, not with nearly all of the bells and whistles new machines have, but all I really wanted it for was writing, so I figured as long as it had Microsoft Word, I'm happy.

    I actually have managed to write a little more than I had before I got it.

    Unfortunately, I still manage to find excuses about NOT writing.

    Who would have thought??