Monday, April 11, 2005

Product placement

This is a little late, but I wanted to pass it on.

Two weeks ago, on The Apprentice, the contestants had to create a pizza for Domino's. Donald Trump mentioned he liked meatballs, so naturally both teams invented some form of meatball pizza. Coincidentally, during the show Papa John's aired a commercial saying something to the effect of "Don't eat pizza made by an apprentice, try Papa John's new meatball pizza." It was kind of cute, in a way.

Here's where things get sick. The next episode, Trump is laying out the challenge. Out of nowhere, he says, "By the way, last week you both made meatball pizzas. If you had done your market research like the people at Domino's, you would have realized that people don't want meatball pizza, they want cheeseburger pizza."

The latest Domino's gimmick is the cheeseburger pizza. Donald Trump appears in the marketing campaign. Do you suppose, just maybe, that Domino's was miffed that their spokesperson expressed his preference for a rival's product and to make things right Trump had to plug theirs? And how blatant to have Donald Trump literally telling people what they want.

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  1. That show is fascinating in so many ways....

  2. I am consistently reminded when I watch it about what is wrong with rampant profit-driven capitalism. Trump always gives his little business tip of the week, and it's always something that a little thought translates into, "Do whatever you can to get whatever you want and fuck anyone who stands in your way."

  3. It's always this half-brained, bullshit "business as nature" metaphor comparing your business to the lions that eat the lazy gazelles.

    Trump is capitalism personfied. Ugly, arrogant, cut throat, and without a strong moral center.

  4. And a horrible haircut too...