Saturday, April 16, 2005

The official God FAQ

The Official God FAQ

You need to see this. It is quite possibly the most important, groundbreaking, and revolutionary FAQ on the internet.

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  1. You seem have this incredible need for people to either agree with you, and if not they are fools, or the need to feel correct about everything. It's just an observation and I've been reading your journal for a long time now. You are a smart guy but your arrogance astounds me.

  2. Ever take a class in debate? You remember your logical fallacies? Look up ad hominem.

    You choose to attack my personality rather than my arguments. I don't know the details of your situation (since you continually hide from accountability behind the convenient cloak of anonymity) but the only rationale I can see for taking these potshots is that you disagree with my positions, want to take me down a notch, but either don't have any arguments of substance with which to justify your contrary position, or don't have any skill in presenting whatever arguments you do have and you fear you could not succeed. You must think that, while you wish you could prove me wrong, your only recourse is to instead insult me and try to hurt me. It is, after all, the only thing you can control if I have the upper hand in terms of content.

    But maybe I'm wrong.

    If you would like to post something of substance and actually discuss the merits of your case, I would be happy to do so. Ever seen the 20-comment discussions I've had in which others have changed my mind about things by presenting their evidence and debating my claims? I routinely change my mind about things as new evidence presents itself. Anyone who would honestly rather be incorrect than correct is indeed a fool.

  3. At least Ryan puts his name with his opinions; it almost seems you are too ashamed of yours to do the same.

    And, "just an observation," but doesn't everyone feel correct about their own opinions?

  4. Oh you! GREAT link Ryan. I literally laughed out loud.

    So I guess it's ILLOL.

    Anyway, about the topic of this comment discussion: I personally know Ryan, and I know him as a person who loves discussion. I have never known Ryan to be more interested in people agreeing with him. He has posted things on his blog that I didn't totally agree with and that leads to a discussion in which we both learn a little and usually end up changing our opinion at least every so slightly.

    So no, I disagree with your assessment of Ryan or his blog. Maybe the issue at hand is that you disagree with him but you can't find a clear way to articulate why?

  5. That's a good, all-inclusive faq on the god question. If only real life conversations on the matter were so simple... well, they could be, but I'd get lynched.