Sunday, September 26, 2004

Funny thing, time

I am amazed at how fast the days are flying by. I'm finding that my old ways have stopped being enough to organize myself. It used to be I would work whenever it came up and have little bits of time scattered throughout the week to take care of all of the other things I wanted to do. Blogging, for instance. I'd recognize that I have, say, two hours break and I'd better write or something.

But now I have a regular job, and it's weird that with a regular schedule it seems easier for me to just come home and vegetate for five hours and go to sleep. Without the "deadline" of work, I feel like I can put things off, and then I never get around to them because my sleeping patterns are changed as well.

So, I'm trying to come up with a regular schedule for the rest of my life, too, not just work. I want to do so many things, and I've just got to find a slot for them. I need at least a good hour a day to write, probably another hour for "recreational" web-surfing and blogging, I'd like to start working out a solid three times a week, plus the usual eating, sleeping, and whatnot. Not counting my continued interest in reading and watching the many recorded shows that accumulate while I'm away.

Just thinking out loud here, I know everyone else has all these same things, or their own. Actually, a lot of people probably have a lot more on their plates to juggle. I guess the one thing I really want to make time for is the writing . . . whatever the odds, I can't let that slip away because of other things. Writing is my career, even if it hasn't started yet. Anything else can't be more than a day job.


  1. Yeah, I "feel" you on this one. It's amazing how regular "9 to 5" jobs can do that to your schedule. It definitely has it's pros and cons, that's for sure.

    Of course you haven't been doing it for very long. Give yourself some slack eh?