Friday, September 10, 2004


I just joined Critters, an online writer's workshop for science fiction, fantasy, and horror. As long as you critique other people's work that comes through, when you submit a story, it will get critiqued as well. 4,000 members. Should be fun and helpful!

In other writing news, I've developed a few more story ideas, and I'm retooling my current work-in-progress from a whole new angle. I think I chose the wrong protagonist for the story I wanted to tell. I needed someone with more to lose.


  1. So when are *we*, your legions of loyal fans, going to get a chance to read some of your work?

  2. As soon as I actually finish something!

    I can't post anything online that I hope to get published, but I can surely email you...

  3. I would like that very much. If you don't mond of course.

    I would like that "badly".