Monday, September 13, 2004

First day of class

Well, I was a substitute teacher for the first time today. It was simultaneously easier and harder than I expected. Easier because as the teacher school just goes by pretty quickly. The teacher had two "off" periods, so I worked from 8:30-4:00, but had two and a half hours off throughout the day. I brought a book with me. But the day was harder because I underestimated the lack of respect the students would have. The problem was, I had no teeth. Because of an administrative mix-up, I was sent to a school that didn't need me, so then I was shuffled over to another school that did. I didn't get to ask what the disciplinary procedures were or anything. So I just took down names to give to the regular teacher, but I don't think the kids even believed I was doing it. One period in particular was full of "thugs" (granted, these were only eighth graders) and they just didn't do anything. Hopefully, the teacher will punish them tomorrow, because she definitely got a list.

I also quit Olive Garden. If I would have gone in there today, I would have probably earned about half what I made teaching, based on past experience. Working there is costing me money any day I could be teaching instead. The good news is: I now have complete control of my schedule. I have weekends off, and if I need a day off during the week, I just don't pick up a substitute position that day. Aside from the actual work, it's a dream.


  1. "Aside from the actual work, it's a dream."

    What a suitable ending I think.

    Seriously, I guess it's good that you quit Olive Garden AND that you seem happy with parts of your job.

    Though it sucks that you got no respect. I'm curious, what subject was it?

    8th grade is tough. Any middle school grade I would say. It'll probably be the worst.

    Did you try to teach anything? Or was it hopeless?

  2. It was 8th grade English, but they were taking the TAKS pre-test or something, so really it was just me making them write a composition and stay quiet. That didn't work so well.