Monday, September 27, 2004


We were watching a Law and Order: SVU rerun tonight, and it had one of the most convoluted plots ever. A girl is murdered and there is evidence of sex. Everyone says she didn't have a boyfriend, and her choir teacher left his previous job for seducing a minor so he's the suspect. They catch the teacher screwing her best friend and his prints are on condoms that the victim had. The friend says the victim used the teacher's apartment to sleep with her boyfriend. The examiner finds out that the victim was pregnant and the DNA test shows that the father was closely related. Her dad was out of town, she has no uncles or cousins, and the test comes back negative on the brother. Then her boyfriend's father is murdered. They put the pieces together: the boyfriend's father is also her father, so her boyfriend was her brother. The father had lived two lives. Nearly ever person in both families is a suspect at one point or another, and ultimately we learn that she died by slipping accidentally, and the boyfriend's "mom" killed the father when she learned the whole story.


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  1. All of that in 1 hour?!?! 40 minutes if you don't count commercials!?!?!