Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love Fox News

If there's anybody out there who doesn't read News Hounds (tagline: We watch Fox so you don't have to), you really should.

Like when Sean Hannity said that if Barack Obama agrees with his pastor and he wins the presidency, then we'll have a racist and anti-Semite for president. I'm sure not going to sit through Hannity and Colmes to catch that sort of silliness on my own. I would gouge out my eyes and ears before I ever got to the part where he obliquely called Obama a racist anti-Semite without any evidence.

Or when Shepard Smith of Studio B, while covering an exciting story about selling a Frosted Flake on eBay, described the 5th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis, as a "slow news day." How would I have known this, since I would have slit my wrists when they brought out the cereal?

This shit happens every day, apparently. How do people watch it?

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