Thursday, March 13, 2008

They're right, you know

Apparently pro-immigration groups are going to stage another mass protest in May. Good for them. Michelle Malkin, naturally, wants everybody to know how horrible the immigrants are, so she posted three photos as evidence. They're supposed to be controversial and inflammatory, I'm sure. The funny thing is, there is nothing inaccurate about them at all.

Little known fact, Michelle: people lived here before Europeans came and claimed it for themselves. Is this new or shocking information?

This one says the same thing. I know it's hard to believe, but the reason many Mexican people have darker brown skin than Europeans who also speak Spanish is because they are descended from the indigenous people that lived in America before the Spaniards came and stole it from them. It really is their continent.

Does anybody else remember a couple paragraphs in their U.S. History textbooks concerning Andrew Jackson and manifest destiny? How about the Mexican-American War? I am astounded again that the idea that the United States has killed Indians and Mexicans is considered controversial. Oh, nevermind, I get it. Malkin just means that the flag itself, as an inanimate piece of cloth, didn't murder anyone. That must be it.

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