Thursday, March 20, 2008

Creationists are stupid

No, this isn't referring to their Biblical literalism, though that certainly qualifies as stupid. See, they've got this movie they're coming out with about "intelligent" design called Expelled. Ben Stein is in it and everything. By all accounts it's a trainwreck of mindlessness.

Anyway, PZ Myers (evolutionary biologist and blogger extraordinaire) has been criticizing and otherwise covering this movie for a while now. He just posted about going to the Mall of America to see a screening where was not allowed to enter. In fact, he was barred from the theater by police. The creationists knew better than to let one of their fiercest critics into the movie, and had instructed security before hand to watch for him. Myers was expelled from Expelled.

On the other hand, his family and guest entered with no problem... a guest by the name of Richard Dawkins. Google "god delusion" if you don't see why that is hilariously perfect. Creationists really are stupid.

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