Sunday, March 20, 2005

You have more than you think

Global Rich List

I know, I know. You're broke. You get paid far less than you deserve for the amount of work you do. I mean, really, who can survive like this?

Click on the above. Follow the directions. Stop whining.

[via Responsible Nanotechnology]


  1. Wow, this is interesting.

    What do you know about the charity? Are they a good org?

    I would love to see a site like this that just factors people in the US.

  2. All I really know about Care is that they work to reduce poverty and they're active in 60 countries. I think they've got their hands in a little of everything, humanitarian relief-wise.

    "CARE International has almost 60 years' experience in relief and development work. Our programmes are designed to go beyond the symptoms of poverty and address the root causes. CARE defines freedom from poverty not simply in material terms, but also as the ability to live in dignity and security. We work to remove obstacles that prevent vulnerable people from obtaining their basic rights, taking control of their lives and participating in decisions that affect their communities. In practice this means that CARE takes action on a whole range of issues from access to food and clean water, to participation in local government."

    A US-centric version would be interesting, and probably easy to make for anyone with the slightest modicum of programming skill . . . in other words, far more than me.