Monday, March 28, 2005

Hairstyles for boys

I get a pretty high percentage of my traffic from people searching for "gay mens hairstyles" and "boys hairstyles" and "mens hairstyles" after my post some time ago concerning a certain student's computer activities. Now, if you take the time to actually search for any of these things, you will quickly see that the preview text makes it obvious that there is no hairstyle advice on my blog. What does show up are the other queries the student in question entered, generally regarding hot man-on-man action.

My blog is apparently a potential source of gay porn.

This is not a short-lived phenomenon, either, like people searching for Elixxir when I mentioned that on my blog last year. I get a steady stream of people, presumably gay men and the occasional boy, who search for fierce new hairstyling tips, see that my site has the words gay and fuck on it, and then come on over to see what they can see.

I am sorry I have to disappoint them, but I have no gay porn to offer. Nothing particularly gay at all, other than my continued support of their human rights, which won't get anybody off. I am also sorry that my blog isn't interesting enough for any of them to visit more than once after they realize I don't have what they're looking for.

I guess there just aren't that many people competing for the top-ranked site in gay hairstyles these days.

Something tells me my repeated use of the words gay and hairstyle in this post will only increase my hits. I don't care for hits, I want people to read.


  1. you have long entries.

  2. That's not all that's long! Okay, I shouldn't have... But it kinda fits the post it seems.

    I need to grow up sometimes... Ryan, feel free to delete if you want to keep this blog above the 7th grade level.

  3. No comment.

    I hope my grandparents never stumble across this post. Though the gay fucking part might disuade them from even reading the comments.


  4. else do you think I found this journal?