Thursday, March 31, 2005

Great timing

Anarchist website logs demanded by FBI

If I get abducted by the FBI and taken to a secret prison cell and interrogated and stacked in a nude pyramid with a bunch of unshaven black-wearing dreadlocked hippies, you'll know why.

Remember my post about anarchism? Well, among the places I'd "been reading a lot" about it was the excellent Anarchism FAQ, located at Now, a week later, the FBI has requested the IP logs from a number of "dissident" webservers, including, which hosts and the FAQ. Over the course of a few days, I probably visited pages on that server fifty or sixty times. That might seem suspicious to some.

They requested the logs in connection to a person who was apparently involved in some terror-related government overthrow activity, or something like that. And the Anarchism FAQ probably gets many, many people visiting for a variety of reasons. But still, I thought you should know.


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