Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A post about junk and stuff

Easy work day combined with sleepiness and headache makes for delirium and nap time upon home arrival.

I don't like us-them mentalities, even when they're fighting for things I believe in. We're individuals, people, a spectrum of ideas and beliefs and permutations thereof so complex and convoluted that it is entirely unfair and simplistic to ever refer to the attributes of a group or class or race or sex in any but the broadest of terms. I am a progressive because I believe that each individual's interests have equal value and should therefore receive equal consideration, not because I believe that when you group individuals together they magically become "society" with inherent interests of its own. Society is just a fancy way of saying "all of us."

I ate a lot of quesadillas in the last few days. Homemade, just tortillas and cheese in a skillet. Cheddar and pepperjack. On corn tortillas. Melty. In other food news, I'm hungry. Freebird, here I come.

Sammy (our cat, for the uninitiated) has some balls. Not literally; he's neutered. But he has a scratching post that he knows how to use, yet he still tries to claw our office sofa. Every single time he gets removed to the scratching post, which he then dutifully claws. Luckily, the office sofa is pretty immune to cat scratching. If he did it to any other furniture—he doesn't—there would be real problems.

I didn't realize that Sin City was entirely filmed on a 20-by-30-foot greenscreen stage (plus one actual set) here in Austin, and the effects were done locally, too. That is, I didn't realize until I read such information in an interview with co-director Robert Rodriguez in today's paper. I'll see how well it turned out come Friday.

If anybody gets my post title, let me know.

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