Wednesday, January 5, 2005

29,000 children dead

No, not in the tsunami. Every single day, from preventable disease and malnutrition.

Michael Lerner asks us to imagine the change that might happen if every newspaper ran that headline -- an accurate one -- every day and filled their interior pages with personal anecdotes and sidebars detailing what people spent their money on in the more developed nations. There has been an outpouring of financial aid to Southeast Asia in the wake of the recent disaster, but compared to the more than 10 million preventable child deaths last year, the tsunami was a minor tragedy. And this says nothing of the millions of adult lives lost through disease, malnutrition, and war. Disaster strikes daily. Generosity should not end when the headlines do.

Now if only Lerner would stop sabotaging rational progress with his "spiritual left" talk . . . refusal to accept that we're all we have is half the reason so much suffering continues.

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