Thursday, January 13, 2005

Surviving on prayer

Apparently this guy clung to debris and lived off of coconuts and bottled water for two weeks. He survied because of coconuts and bottled water. There is no debating this fact.

He also prayed. For some reason, the AP reporter who brings us this news thinks that this fact is worthy of its own paragraph, f0llowed by one describing how the prayers were "answered" by a passing ship. Seems it was his prayer that kept him alive, even more so than bottled water! Is the reporter suggesting that had the man not prayed, the ship's captain would have chosen a different course? God sent a tsunami to kill 150,000 people and strand millions without homes! What about their prayers? This guy must kiss way more divine pucker than those other losers, or else God wouldn't love him so much more than all of the innocent children.

It is absurd the mental acrobatics the faithful will go through to avoid facing the fact that God, if he exists, is respsonsible for every disaster and evil in the world just as much as the few shards of goodness that we see. He knows everything that will happen, even the bad things. He can do anything, including stopping all of these bad things. And yet he does nothing but choose random people to survive while letting other random people die. It's almost as if it's purely up to chance.

Oh wait, it is.

What's really annoying is that this was a news story on the AP wire. What ever happened to reporting what actually occurred? If this guy prayed a lot, great, mention it. But why interject the utterly unfounded speculation that it had anything to do with his survival? And if you're going to speculate on one side, why not balance it by throwing in a line to the effect of, "When asked why 150,000 other people deserved to die, God decined to comment."

[via Hyper-Textual Ontology]

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