Thursday, November 11, 2004

John Sayles in the Austin Chronicle

Filmmaker John Sayles wrote what I think is the best "what do we do now?" piece to hit the progressive media after the election. Some highlights . . .

"Forget the postelection excrement about how the Democratic Party needs to reach out to fundamentalist voters and find a "moral position" people can identify with. What? Let's become less tolerant? More homophobic, more racist?"

"Complacency and distance do not help. Why are gay people marching in San Francisco? Instead, they should go en masse and meet people in those states who want to ostracize them (where many of them actually come from) and see if anything human can happen."

"The religious right took over the Republicans. Why don't the progressives take over the Democratic Party and make a real fight of this thing? If that leads to more regionalism and divisiveness, so be it. You either think these things are worth fighting for, or you don't."
This guy writes what I feel. Read the whole thing on the Chronicle website, above.

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