Wednesday, November 3, 2004

A Dark Day

Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel for America, and indeed the world. Just as we learn that over a hundred thousand civillians have died in Iraq as a result of President Bush's military adventurism, we learn that he'll have opportunity to spread the destruction and continue to erode the crumbling credibility of America on the global stage.

I heard Senator Kerry saying we need to work with the Republicans and heal the wounds. I heard President Bush saying now that the American people have spoken (read: barely half of the fraction that voted), he needs our support. People on both sides of the aisle are calling for reconciliation.

There is a word for those feelings: bullshit. In reality, now is the time to redouble our efforts. They've got us bloodied and they want us to surrender. I want to be more active in opposing the neoconservative control of the country, not less. We've got sanity in the northeast and the west surrounding a sea of religious, bloodthirsty ignorance.* There are pockets of goodness; Travis County (my own Austin, Texas) was 56% for Kerry and only 42% for Bush. We as voices of progressivism need to make our voices heard through direct action and by example.

I seriously think I'm going to go protest January 20 up in D.C. I don't question the legitimacy of Bush's election, I question the righteousness of his cause and that smirk on his face. Who's with me?

* I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and suggesting that Bush's supporters just don't know any better.

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