Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm just playing around with the ol' blog and I added a poll in my right column. Since I get a rather minuscule trickle of visitors, I'm leaving it open for a month. Maybe I'll put up a new poll each month or something, who knows? This first question is: "What is your political orientation?"


  1. Why no 'technocrat' as an option?

  2. Technocrat isn't any separate, coherent ideology -- you can be a liberal technocrat or a conservative technocrat or anything else. Also, I didn't think of it.

  3. Unfortunately, none of those categories suit me perfectly. Being a technocrat, I don't think I could be described as conservative, liberal nor green.

    I could be a liberal, except I don't agree with the idea of a free market or liberal democracy (or any democracy, for that matter).

    I can't be conservative, because I don't feel that religious or traditional ideals have any authority at all.

    Likewise, I can't be a green because, although I agree with much of the environmental movement, I disagree with participatory democracy.

    State socialism perhaps is the best description of my ideals, so I have chosen that. I very much agree with the idea of a planned economy, so I don't think libertarian socialism would suit me.

    I think my rejection of the others are pretty much self-explanatory.