Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sweet baby Jesus

It being Christmastime and all, and remembering the reason for the season, I figured it was about time for a God post. I was reading a random lengthy message board conversation about proving and disproving God's existence, and it made me reflect on my own opinions on the matter. Sometimes people want to challenge their faith, sometimes people want to challenge my lack. I end up talking about such things from time to time. For what it's worth, I would advise that anyone who wants to have such a discussion with me first consider the following, because if you understand my point here, you understand essentially my entire argument for believers. If you would rather argue evidence, that is a different and much simpler beast to tackle, but this is my argument against faith.

Why don't you believe in Zeus? Thor? Mithra? Find a reason to disbelieve in these popular gods of the past that isn't equally valid for your god of choice and we'll talk.

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  1. This is where Christians I've spoken readily depart from the need for verifiable evidence. They will talk about personal revelations, experiences, speaking to God, hearing his voice, feeling loved, etc. This is where they smile and say that only another person who has felt the same can understand what they're saying.

    Regarding the gods of previous cultures and eras, they were (obviously) idols and seeds planted by the devil. This is why these cultures and religions are history and Christianity has "won" (insert odd evolution-like argument as applied to religions).

  2. according to islam ....they would still have an arguement. while mohammed is the final prophet ALLAH spoke through many....

    but thats neither here nor there.