Saturday, July 17, 2004


Having now established myself as a Blogger user again, I'm going to be giving my site a facelift, so if things get a little wonky, I apologize.


  1. How cool about Bruce Sterling! Do you ever do stuff with the Austin Writers League? That is the greatest resource, and I totally wish Dallas had something similar. Or that I lived in Austin again.

    I'll be down there this weekend though...any suggestions of interesting places to eat/drink other than Gueros or Kerbey Lane would be greatly appreciated. Especially any nonlivemusic bars, as my compadres are thinking it's *cool* to go to Sixth Street and I keep LMAO about that.

  2. Ironically, I'm in the DFW area until August 7 or so.

    I don't know anything about the Austin Writer's League, actually, but now that I've heard of it I'll look into it.

    As for restaurant suggestions, I'm afraid I'm of no use, really. I'm still trying to explore them myself!