Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Targeting the DNC

Something I forgot to mention in my post on the FBI infiltrating vegan potlucks to root out anti-RNC terrorists: any vegan radical enough to blow up the Republicans ought to be a threat to the Democrats as well. Maybe even more so.

ProtestRNC2008.org's banner proclaims:
U.S. Out of Iraq Now! Money for human needs, not for war! Say no to the Republican Agenda! Demand peace, justice and equality.
All laudable goals, of course. And with "Democratic" subbed in for "Republican," all apply equally well to the DNC in Denver. Anyone who would protest the RNC had better protest the DNC as well, because they're just as poor at securing peace, justice, and equality. The Democrats are not the solution to the problems of a Republican presidency. The Democrats, and any presidency they win, are in many ways worse than the Republicans because they should know better.

Luckily, those of us on the radical left know this. There are already groups organizing to protest the DNC as well, and it isn't the conservatives doing the organizing. The Democrats will always be part of the problem until we make them part of a solution.

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