Friday, March 30, 2007

where you at?

I started The Red Scare, rather than maintaining my eponymous blog, for two major reasons: having a blog named after yourself when you're a nobody is pretty lame, and I'm actually in a field where there is the potential for literal public outcry leading to me being fired if the wrong people knew what I was interested in and my views. It's happened before. So my goal at The Red Scare is to not have this blog linked to my real name.

I don't care if you know my real name. Ask me and I'll be more than happy to tell you. I just don't want this to come up when somebody googles me. This is actually somewhat unfortunate, as in all truth I want people to know what I think and who's thinking it. But that's a risk that I can't take right now. More or less dismantling the entire fabric of society is an unpopular opinion.

For many reasons I wish the world were a different place. I wish we lived in a world where diversity of opinion was a good thing. I wish we lived in a world where nobody cared what you did when you left the workplace as long as you did the work well while you were at it. But we don't, and I think I have to hide from the world we do live in.

At least when it comes to blogging.

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  1. I actually redesigned my own blog for this very reason.

    And then I went and got myself a friends-only livejournal where I can be as angsty and irreverant as everyone else on the internet :)