Friday, December 1, 2006

No, GENERAL interest

» Washington Post: Science a la Joe Camel

I just caught a post by Dale Carrico at Amor Mundi reacting to the National Science Teachers' Association's decision to turn down 50,000 free copies of An Inconvenient Truth on DVD. Their reason? They don't want to accept donations from special interests for fear of appearing to endorse a political position.

Sweet zombie Jesus, the game of pretending that the fact that humans are creating planet-wide climate change is a "special interest" of the environmental movement is growing increasingly tiresome. Would the National Council for the Social Studies turn down free copies of an Auschwitz documentary because a few assholes don't believe in death camps? At this point, pretending that human-caused global warming is one group's pet theory is intellectually equivalent to Holocaust denial, almost to the mind-numbing ridiculousness of creationism.

Make no mistake, people have died and will continue to die because of the head-in-the-sand ignorance and willful stupidity of many people in positions of power on the issue of climate change. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to fix.

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