Saturday, November 18, 2006


Here we are at my new blog. "Why a new blog?" you might ask. Well, two reasons.

First of all, I was feeling a little vain having my name as my blog title. As I was browsing some other blogs I noticed that isn't incredibly common. It seemed as though it would be much more fun to try to come up with something clever instead. Not that my new title is particularly clever, but it's a title, at least.

Secondly, now that I am gainfully employed as a teacher, I don't think I will be blogging much about my personal life. This blog isn't about me, it's about what I think. Anyone who is interested in the sordid details of my life would do much better to email me and ask about them. Hopefully you're also interested in what I have to say; if so, please stick around.

Thanks for following me over here! Please visit often; this blog will be updated far more frequently than my previous blog was towards the end of its run.


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