Thursday, March 2, 2006


So, President Bush. The day before Katrina hit, he gets videotaped being briefed about levee failures and Superdome disasters-within-disasters, and says the national government is ready to do whatever it takes. Five days later, after some time campaigning, birthday-partying, and guitar-playing, 1300 people are dead, a city is destroyed, and the president tells us that nobody could have predicted the breaks in the levees. What. A. Shock.


I'm writing pretty heavily again. There's a Turkey City workshop in 16 days, and that's good motivation.


Octavia Butler died last week at the age of 58. If you don't know who Octavia Butler is, you should. If you know who she is but haven't read her work, you should. Sad.


  1. That did suck about Octavia Butler. Physically she reminded me of a couple of English teachers I had, but with the mind-bending ability to produce amazing sci-fi works. In the last couple of years I missed a few chances to see her speak in person, thinking "I'll catch her next time." And I had read that she refused to own a car and used the bus, so I imagined it was even possible that I might find her sitting in the seat next to me in downtown Seattle. Her novel "Kindred" is one of the columns in my personal understanding of slavery and what it meant to live under that system, for whites and blacks.