Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Watch this space


There's a new mailing list for progressive-minded techies who are tired of the uncritical libertarian political economy that tends to dominate discussions of a radical technological future. For people who think that advanced technology is only as good as the use it is put to, and recognize that it has the potential for reducing suffering and empowering individuals on a vast scale--but only if it is under distributed democratic control. For people who believe in peace and social justice and environmental protection, but who reject the notion that there is anything free about the free market; people who don't believe that the natural is always and inherently the best.

From the home page:
Using technology to deepen democracy, using democracy to ensure technology benefits us all.

The technoliberation list is a welcoming space for conversation, collaboration, organization, and debate among liberal, social, and radical democrats from around the world all of whom share the sense that emerging, converging, disruptive global technological developments threaten unprecedented harm while they promise unprecedented emancipation for humanity. We want to think about the ways in which technology provokes us to rethink and reimagine the left wing of the possible.
Dale Carrico describes the list as a "cyborg feminist, post-natural Green, post-humanist humanitarian, prostheticized queer, morphological freedom fighting, global fair trade and sustainable development advocating, democratic world federalist technoprogressive salon and incitement to activism and organizing."

Sounds like fun to me.


  1. This actually sounds very cool.

    Erm, your link doesn't go to their website though. Got another? :)

  2. Wow, teach me not to blog while being sent outrageous links via IM. My copy-and-pasting got confused. I wonder how many people now think I am a freakish pervert?

  3. At least one of us! But I won't tell.

    Thanks for the new link :)