Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I promise I'm good for it

Russia's great leap for tourism - a $100m trip to the moon

Roskosmos (Russia's NASA) is offering a trip to the Moon for $100,000,000. Eighteen months after coughing up the dough, the tourist would spend a week at the luxurious International Space Station resort before blasting toward the Moon with a cosmonaut escort, enjoying gourmet biscuits and tube food. No landing or Moon golf, but you get to fly around the far side and take in the scenery.

So who's going to loan me the cash?

[via Slashdot]


  1. To get the money, I say we go hold up the Pentagon, Old West style, and ask for the pork fat out of their budget to fund the trip. The only question is whether we wear red or black bandanas over our mouths.

  2. Red is so classy, but black just screams outer space . . .

  3. As long as you don't take my salary...

  4. I'll loan you the money, but you have to pay back in 6 months, 50% interest, & wear my name on your forehead for advertising purposes. Let me just pull it out of my ass for you. How would you like that sir? Small or large bills?

  5. i bet you somewhere on that station theres ikea furniture all over