Thursday, July 28, 2005

But parking's a bitch

I'm blogging from Spider House, where I ended up after deciding that I couldn't bear to sit around the apartment any more. I figured I'd find some place to get coffee and hang out to write. I didn't want Starbucks. I usually go to Mozart's, but the only reason is the view, which requires sitting outside and it's hot. I had heard about a place called Pacha that specializes in South American, but when I drove by it was pretty small and empty and I didn't want to be the only jackass in there typing away.

So I meandered down to Spider House, a place I haven't been since I left UT five years ago. A poorly-lit, converted old house (as all good Austin restaurants are) with pretty good coffee and pastries, music ranging from Beastie Boys to Beatles, and filled with a combination of college students and occasional older folks. It's the coffee equivalent of Kerby Lane.

Also, they have a cat.

I want to take a grand tour of Austin's coffee houses one of these days. Atmosphere gets bonus points, but good coffee wins.

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