Sunday, February 6, 2005

Ryan McReynolds, elsewhere

  • (link sharing, eclectic interesting things I've found)
  • Flickr (photo sharing, I don't have much up)
  • Friendster (social networking, people I know)
  • ICQ (chat program, I'm on via Trillian but nobody I talk to uses it)
  • (social networking, I rarely visit)
  • viva el dork (collaborative blog, hopefully more active soon)
  • Yahoo! (profile, not that it's ever been of any use)
I signed up for and figured I would blog about it so that anyone who reads this can see what random things I'm checking out on the Web. I ended up making this post about all my other "homepages," places where someone could conceivably find me if they looked. Since one of the reasons I have a blog is to meet both new people and old friends, I thought that it would be useful to make that as easy as possible. Somehow they ended up in alphabetical order, though I thought of them at random. I'm probably forgetting some, anyway.

As for, it is great fun to just follow random tags and people to find new sites to check out. I plan on mostly putting up things that are particularly quirky or interesting (to me), not just every Web site I like. That's what the links to the right are for. There might occasionally be some overlap, but that's OK.


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