Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Long day: random shit

I wasn't able to get a job scheduled last night, so I had to get up at 5:00 to search for one. Unfortunately, it seems everybody else was doing the same thing, so I couldn't get work today. Luckily, Rachel and I took the opportunity to get our marriage license before she went to work. We then continued our multi-day few-minutes-here-and-there screening of the Star Wars trilogy DVDs. She's only seen the movies once each. Once! Even for a civillian (read: non-dork), that's an abnormally low number of times, isn't it? I'm not that big of a Star Wars fan, all things considered, but they sure are fun to watch.

Now I'm hanging around doing nothing. I might have to continue my neverending tour of the Austin used book stores and find something to read. Maybe tour is an exaggeration, since I've only been to the two nearest Half Price Books, but whatever. A lot of the books I'm interested in buying are, while not more than a decade or two old, not currently in print. I haven't had luck finding any so far. I might have to turn to Amazon if I can't.

I have grown increasingly annoyed with radio music, and increasingly bored with the music I already own. I want to get into some less mainstream stuff, but I feel a little intimidated because I wouldn't know where to begin looking. I'm in the mood for true alternative, experimental, indie rock, trip-hop, electronica, literate hip-hop, etc. Nothing too angry, unless it's political. If anybody has any suggestions, fire them my way.


  1. Jamie has NEVER seen the original trilogy. Aint that something?

    Also, I would ask Nibu about good "less mainstream" music to listen to. I get that way too sometimes, just get bored with the same old stuff.

    I have been listening to "Madvillian" lately. Also known as King Geedorah. You probably already know about Mos Def, but that's some good music too. Jamie and I really like the new Jill Scott CD, though we have yet to listen to it much.

  2. That was quick! Thanks, I'll check those out.