Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Writing stuff

I've noticed a problem I encounter when I write: I constantly edit. Now, this isn't neccessarily a bad thing. It is good to catch mistakes and ultimately put the best words to the page. However, it is a problem for me because it means that after I've written 500 words or so, I spend the rest of whatever free time I'm using to write changing things around instead of plunging ahead to get to the end. I think if I could just finish first and edit second, things would go a lot quicker.

Speaking of writing, here's an Onion-style brief Rachel and I came up with today.

Local restaurant closes doors

COPPELL, TX. After sixteen years serving legions of loyal customers,

Perky Pete's Diner closed its doors for the last time today. "Well, it was

getting to be about 10:45, and we just figured we'd better lock up since the

last guest left." The long-time host of Perky Pete's, two servers,

and three cooks were told to "go on home," losing their jobs until the restauraunt

opens again for breakfast service at 7:00 tomorrow.

Writing this satire stuff isn't as easy as I thought.

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